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What’s the difference between an upstand and a splashback?

An upstand is a run of stone at the back normally between 60mm-100mm high, a backsplash is a larger piece of stone that sits behind a cooker/ range or hob.

Can I have any shape or size?

If the sheet size of stone accommodates the request, and the accessibility to the property is large enough, yes we can do any shape or size.

Can Purple source every colour?

Yes we can get every single colour of Quartz and any colour of Granite available in the UK. Just let us know if you want a particular colour and we will find it for you.

Can I see the stone before its cut?

Yes in fact we encourage this, often with customers who choose Granite to ensure they are happy with their purchase before installation.

How do I get a quote?

We love our customers, so feel free to visit our shop in Worcester during the opening hours (Address available on website) Alternatively you can email a simple plan and any details you have to

Do I need to reseal my worktops?

No, we take care of sealing all worktops we provide, once this process is complete there is no need to reseal.

Why are Purple Granite less expensive than other quotes?

We are less expensive because we source stones directly and bespoke for each individual job, we do not stock slabs, creating minimum wastage and therefore savings to our customers.

Will my worktops have joints?

This is dependent on the layout and size of the kitchen in which the worktops are being installed. We do try and avoid joins when possible, but cannot always do so, our onsite fabricators will discuss the placement of joints if any are necessary. Generally the maximum length with no joint is 3000mm, with a […]

Is my stone heat resistant?

Granite worktops are heat resistant and can withstand the heat of hot pots and pans without damage. Quartz is not as heat resistant and it is not advised to treat it the same as Granite.

Will my worktops be scratch resistant?

Yes, both Granite and Quartz are scratch resistant. However Granite and Quartz are not completely unbreakable, and proper care and maintenance is advised.

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