Our top trend for winter 2020

Quartz worktop Winter 2020

One of the biggest trends of the winter 2020 season this year is Marble. Timeless and elegant, it’s the perfect all-rounder in style and substance, and will always stand the test of time in the fashion stakes. 

However, and it is a big however, using marble in your kitchen design is a risk. 

If you’re a wine drinker, have children who are messy eaters, or simply a person who makes the occasional spillage – Quartz is a great alternative.  

At Purple, we offer several marble-effect Quartz countertops which look incredibly natural but are more stain-resistant (and cost-effective) than its marble counterpart. 

Made from natural stone, but engineered to offer other benefits such as strength and stain-resistance, Quartz is very durable and has greater uniformity than natural stones. 

One of our most-requested products of the moment is our Carrara Quartz, which can imitate the slightly mottled or veined effect of Marble, just without the worry of staining. 

Because of the composite nature of the stone, customers can be much pickier with look, base colour and style with Quartz. 

This makes the stone ideal for colour matching with almost any palette. 

Darker colours make a stunning contrast and a bold choice, with lighter colours opening up a space and putting the emphasis on the natural light available in a room.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist dream or a bold statement, a Quartz worktop can be the defining feature of your kitchen.

As the festive period approaches, we all know how the kitchen becomes the heart of the home at this time of year.

It’s where the festive goodies are cooked up, and where everyone crowds on the big day, so it’s such an important space to make the most of during the season for entertaining.

If you are considering replacing your worktops or are working on improving your kitchen, now’s the perfect time to request a free quote to avoid disappointment ahead of the festive period.

Call our Kidderminster team on 01562 549100 or send us an email on sales@purplegranite.co.uk to speak to a member of our team who can help you find the counters of your dreams. 

Our Kidderminster showroom is open by appointment only, so please call us to book in advance or find out more about the stunning worktop options we have available.