Our top five kitchen designs for December

Our top five kitchen designs for December

It’s fair to say, we’re in for a quieter Christmas this year, spending time at home with just a handful of our nearest and dearest.

And as we’ve spent the majority of 2020 cooped up in our homes, we may feel the start of a new year is the perfect time to breathe new life into our home decor.

Whether that’s a full-scale renovation or a more low-key, subtle homeware update, one simple change that can make a huge difference to the look of your home is a kitchen worktop makeover.

From two-toned designs to the perfect mix of modern and traditional, the team at Purple want to celebrate their favourite kitchen designs to make sure your kitchen is 2021 ready.

Terence Ball Kitchens

kitchen worktop
Open plan kitchen spaces have long been a favourite for many homeowners, providing the look of a spacious kitchen area, even in the smallest of spaces.

Many people steer away from the look of traditional wooden panels in a kitchen due to the misconception that wood creates a more ‘darker’ look.

But, as this design from Terence Ball Kitchens proves, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This stunning oak design feels light, bright and airy, with a lighter-toned wood complementing the beautiful quartz worktops that finish off this design perfectly.

This style would work perfectly in a country cottage, but the use of lighter tones really helps to bring the modernity to an otherwise traditional-looking kitchen design.

With sturdy metal handles, matching appliances and the addition of floor to ceiling windows this kitchen is not only practical, but plays with the light to ensure a spacious finish.

Huws Gray

kitchen worktop
When it comes to home decor, adding texture and pattern can really help to lift a space, and can even provide an added bonus in the style department.

This sleek, grey kitchen from Huwsgray uses a simplistic grey colourway throughout, whilst adding interest and pattern with grey wood effect cupboards.

By utilising similar tones throughout your kitchen, this creates a ‘put together’ style that looks considered and something straight out of a home lifestyle magazine.

By adding in the wood-finish cupboards in this light shade, this helps to add style and sophistication to the space, whilst the simplistic grey kitchen worktops finishes off the look effortlessly.

With matching silver hardware and sleek lighting options, this kitchen design will certainly stand the test of time, helping to keep any smaller kitchen looking spacious and light.

AP Kitchens

kitchen worktop
Two-toned kitchens are set to be a key trend for 2021, and can really help to create a stand-out kitchen space for your home.

A black and white kitchen will certainly bring a wow factor to your property, just like this design from AP Kitchens.

The black granite worktop makes a striking contrast to the bright white cupboards of this particular design, and although it stands out, it does so in a way that makes the kitchen look timeless and welcoming.

This particular look will work well in a modern home, where the striking colour match will suit its surroundings.

With metal handles and matching appliances, this look will be sure to bring a new lease of life to any home.

Kitchen Gallery Kidderminster

kitchen worktop

We are big fans of this mix of contemporary and traditional style picks from the team at Kitchen Gallery.

Although white worktops and cupboards are commonplace in modern kitchens, to combine this colour palette with more traditional fixtures and ‘country cottage’ vibes isn’t something we tend to see.

The use of wooden cupboards in the bright white shade combines the best of both worlds, pairing the design with a beautiful white granite worktop to add a minimalist finish to the space.

With colour-complementing tiles and parquet flooring, this kitchen would fit just as well in a modern townhouse as it would in a country home, making it a versatile design that will stand the test of time.

Harrison and Pope Kitchens

kitchen worktop
You may never have considered a red-coloured kitchen in your home, but we’re loving this unique design from the team at Harrison and Pope Kitchens.

This kitchen is really all about the colour, so it’s important that the worktops subtly stand out, without taking away from the statement tones.

A dark grey granite worktop fits the bill, as it complements the depth of the red cupboards, without creating too much of a colour clash.

The depth from the worktops is continued on to the additional grey cupboards on the far side, combining the shades used together to finalise the look.

With a dark wood flooring and other statement accessories to match, this would work well in any open plan kitchen dining space, as the depth from the colours used may overpower a smaller area.

If you’re considering a kitchen upgrade to start the new year off right, discover more kitchen inspiration by browsing our ranges here.

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