Monthly Trending: 5 Top Fits of the Month – October

Want some inspiration for your own kitchen? About to order or thinking of changing your worktops? Check out our top 5 Installations of October below and all the details of why we love them!

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Carrara Pencil Vein has extremely delicate veining patterns in a blue undertone with a bright white base colour. This means the overall effect is classical and refined, perfectly suiting the Navy and Grey cabinets in this kitchen! Our favourite aspect of this kitchen has to be the industrial feature lighting over the island which is the signature item and draws the eye to the centre of the space.


This gorgeous kitchen installation of CRL’s Grey Reflections Quartz with Cream units perfectly displays the sleek design of the Quartz. An undermount sink with drainer grooves leaves the streamlined stone in the centre of the U shape and makes a feature of the tap!  Our favourite feature though, has to be the dramatic lighting which transforms this kitchen! Choosing a stone with mirror flecks in is perfect for this kitchen as the spotlights can reflect off each fleck for a dramatic overall effect!

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This Installation of Cosmic Black granite from Beltrami (Brachot) makes for a stunning centrepiece to this kitchen. A combination of Gold, Copper and Creamy tones in a natural striping pattern is a striking display of natural stone, and this installation has made the most of that with the large island with Ogee edging and matching hardware features.

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With seamless L shape design and integrated breakfast bar this kitchen is ideal for busy lifestyles! The tones of this kitchen are a great combination of light and dark with the light worktop blending the blue and grey beautifully. BQS White Shimmer with it’s tiny mirror flecks and bright base colour reflects the natural light in the space and compliments the flooring and colour palette of the room as a whole!

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From COMPAC’s Obsidiana range this kitchen in Volcano Light is a refined surface with a grey speckled base and detailed veining patterns it gives the appearance of a natural stone and is an ultra modern addition to the kitchen. 

If you’re having a new kitchen or fancy changing up your worktops with any of these colours, drop us an email at sales@purplegranite.co.uk to request a free quote or book an appointment to come and see us in Worcester or Kidderminster and we will be happy to help!