Quartz worktop Winter 2020

One of the biggest trends of the winter 2020 season this year is Marble. Timeless and elegant, it’s the perfect all-rounder in style and substance, and will always stand the test of time in the...

quartz worktop

Among the varieties of surfaces that are available on the market, quartz worktops are now one of the most popular choices and we’re not surprised! Not only do they come in a beautiful variety of...

granite worktops

Recreating the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom can be bit of a minefield. Deciding what will work best for you can be a really time consuming process, so we wanted to help you out a little. Whether you are refurbishing your whole kitchen or bathroom or maybe you are looking to give the room a little facelift, new worktops are often one of the main things we debate upon. In this blog, we are going to go into some detail about Granite worktops in particular. So, for everything you need to know about this surface, have a read.